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This material is organized in four main sections: About the Rating, The Ground, The Dive, and The Debrief. The order is chronological, as you would encounter your duties on the jump. First, you need to know About the Rating itself. This section explores history, USPA structure and paperwork requirements, what you can do with your rating, and how your professionalism affects your liability. It also covers how the course evaluations are run. Next, The Ground section highlights resources available to you, including the resource for content, the ISP.  In addition to content, this section features how to best deliver that content with solid lesson plans. Finally, it brings content and delivery together with Sample Ground Preps and Dive Flows. Third, The Dive section picks up with applicable physical skills beginning with the 20 minute call, including gear checks, boarding & climb, exit, freefall and of course, emergency procedures. Finally The Debrief covers how to make your observations useful for your student, how to structure an effective and efficient debrief, and how to log in the student’s log and on the A license proficiency card.

This course contains valuable information for you not only to earn rating, but also to use it. Just like your students, we all need periodic review in order to retain and deepen our understanding of previously introduced concepts. Remember to revisit this resource as you continue to exercise the privileges of your Rating to keep your knowledge level up to date.

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